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The LSSM started the first ever Sports Massage course anywhere in September 1989. Set up and taught by Mel Cash, the massage course was based on the first ever book on Sports Massage that Mel wrote the year before.

We were also the first massage school to be externally validated by BTEC (the main Government-backed awarding body in the UK). Ours is a ‘Customised Qualification’ which we design ourselves and operate in the way we believe is best. BTEC then independently assess this and they approved our first Sports Massage qualification with a Level 4 standard. BTEC annually carry out a thorough audit of our whole operation to ensure we maintain the high standard and quality of our training.

We have carefully designed our course to meet the needs of mature (non-school leaver) students looking for a new career which is why we run part-time courses at weekend spread over a longer period of time. The weekend classes are devoted mostly to teaching hands-on practical skills which can only be learned properly in a classroom along with other students and experienced tutors. The underpinning theory is now taught online so students can fit this in with their lives better.

But LSSM has always been more than just a school, we are also the pioneer of a new sector of modern healthcare. We are led by Mel and his close team of tutors who are all dedicated hands-on therapists that have constantly strived to better meet the needs of their clients. Developing from their Sports Massage roots they acquired higher skills in the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering with pain and injury. This has also given them a much wider scope of practice and made it a much more stimulating and rewarding life-time career.

Over the years we have integrated these new clinically proven skills into our training and our BTEC qualification is now Level 5 (that's the highest currently available in the UK). The new qualification is called Soft Tissue Therapy and takes about one-year. It still includes Sports Massage but is now much more focused on treating musculoskeletal pain and injury and includes people from all walks of life not just athletes.

Our main training centre is in central London, at Regent’s University premises inside Regent’s Park, and we have another branch at Totton College near Southampton. Our administration office is in Willesden Green, NW London.

Our goal is to train people to be excellent hands-on therapists with the greatest career potential and we are proud of our achievements in doing this.

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training with the best at the LSSM
training with the best at the LSSM
training with the best at the LSSM
training with the best at the LSSM


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London School of Sports Massage
28 Station Parade
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Main Office hours: 10am-2pm, Monday - Friday
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