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LSSM’s most important asset is our large team of highly talented and inspired tutors and we are very proud to have them. They are all very successful therapist who also have a passion for teaching. The ISRM/BTEC qualification has evolved over 20 years through their combined clinical experience.


Mel Cash 
(Principal Tutor)

Therapist since 1985
Tutor since 1989

Mel is recognised as one of the pioneers of massage over the last 25 years and has published several international textbooks on the subject. He has gained the most extensive clinical experience having worked with World class athletes and dancers (including the Royal Ballet in London and the Tokyo Ballet in Japan) as well as people with serious medical conditions. He is a passionate and inspiring teacher who has also presented workshops Internationally. He used to compete at a high amateur level in Marathons and Triathlons. He has written a number of books including Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy and Advanced Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy and is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject. (see books)

David Katz

Therapist since 1992
Tutor since 1999

David is a highly innovative and unique therapist who uses equipment-based Pilates, real-time ultrasound, Kineseo-taping as well as Soft tissue manipulation to specialise in Musculoskeletal rehabilitation and Hypermobility Syndrome. He treats elite sport competitors as well as professional musicians and dancers. He is a former racing driver.

 Alex Fugallo

Therapist since 1990
Tutor since 1995

Alex is a leading sports Osteopath who has worked at the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta, ATP tennis tour, West Ham FC, Saracens RFC and UK athletics. An accomplished athlete he was part of the England team at the 1994 commonwealth games competing at 400m and 4x400m. He specialises in Myofascial Release as well as Osteopathic and other soft tissue techniques

Zac Laraman

Therapist since 1999
Tutor since 2007

Zac is a Registered Osteopath as well as a massage/soft tissue therapist and treats many National level athletes. He combines soft tissue and Osteopathy techniques, specialising in foot biomechanics and musculoskeletal dysfunction. He is a very passionate therapist and experienced LSSM tutor who now runs our courses in North Wales.

Tanya Ball

Therapist since 1997
Tutor since 1999

During her career in massage Tanya has gained an MSc in Complementary Therapy: Body Work and has trained extensively in advanced Myofascial therapy. She treats a very wide range of clients combining soft tissue techniques with remedial Pilates.  She is the joint course lead tutor at our Southampton venue.

Sarah Tidey

Therapist since 1999
Tutor since 2004

Sarah has played an important role in British Olympic sporting success having worked since 1999 to the present time with the Royal Yachting Assoc.-British Sailing Team, and the British Diving team from 2001-2008. In her practice she specialises in treating sports injuries & functional sports rehabilitation combining soft tissue techniques with remedial Pilates. She is the joint course lead tutor at our Southampton venue.

Marius Antoniades

Therapist since 2000
Tutor since 2002

Marius has a high profile clinic in London and has worked with Cirque du Soleil and lead dancers from the Bolshoi ballet. He also runs ISRM Bridging courses at his own school, Bluechip.

Glyn Curtis

Therapist since 1992
Tutor since 2000

Glyn’s clinical experience includes working for Leicester City FC and Leicester Tigers RFC. He is also a highly experienced university lecturer.

Allan Murrell 

Therapist since 1992
Tutor since 1994

Alan has had a long career treating many World class athletes and is also an International level athletics coach. He is a highly accomplished club athlete. His clinical speciality is myofascial therapy and has studied this extensively.

Mary Sanderson

Therapist since 1991
Tutor since 1994

Mary has been a successful therapist for many years and is the author of “Soft Tissue Release” (Corpus Pub.). She has worked with many elite athletes and treats several top players at the Wimbledon tennis championships.

Marianne Bayes

Therapist since 2001
Tutor since 2006

Marianne has clinical experience on the highest level. She has been a key member of the medical team with British Disability Swimming and Athletics. She has worked at the Paralympic games since Athens in 2004 and has worked with the Australian rugby team when here in the UK. She runs a varied clinic but specialises in post-operative conditions as well as pre/post natal. She has also competed in a number of Triathlons.

Brian Clarke

Therapist since 1996
Tutor since 1998

Brian has had a long career treating many World class athletes and is also an International level athletics coach. He is an accomplished club athlete. His clinical speciality is myofascial therapy and has studied this extensively.

Gisela Payne

Therapist since 2000
Tutor since 2004

Gisela’s clinical experience includes working with the Ferrari Team, Tour de Brittany Team GB 2004 - 2007. GB World and European Triathlon Championships 2005 – 2009. She has competed in Marathons and Triathlons. She specialises in Myofascial and neuomuscular techniques, clinical Pilates and exercise rehabilitation.

Sophie Minter

Therapist since 1998
Tutor since 1999

Sophie’s clinical experience includes the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and 2006 as well as the World Squash Championships in Melbourne 2001. She is a keen hockey player and does a variety of other sports too. She has a multi-disciplinary approach and specialises in biomechanical analysis. She also had a long career in high school teaching before becoming an LSSM tutor.

Peta McSharry

Therapist since 2004
Tutor since 2009

Peta’s clinical experience includes the 2004 Paralympics, Pro Tour cyclists, Saracens RFC and Middlesex County Cricket Club. She is an accomplished triathlete and is currently a sponsored World Masters cyclist. She treats many top endurance athletes and specialises in muscle balancing for injury rehabilitation.

Trevor Simmons

Therapist since 1993
Tutor since 1997

Trevor has had a long career treating many World class athletes at some of the top clinics in London. He achieved a very high standard in Marathons and has now completed two Ironman Triathlons.

Alison Dalziel

Alison has been a Massage and Soft Tissue Therapist since 1994 treating all manner of acute and chronic injuries. She treats athletes, office workers, pensioners as well as children and tries to promote injury prevention.  She has worked in Spain and Asia in the past but is now settled in the UK.

Alison has been a senior tutor at the LSSM in London since 2011 and is the Course Coordinator and lead tutor at the LSSM’s Brighton branch. She is currently studying a BSc (Hons) degree in Acupuncture at the International College of Oriental Medicine


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Brett Lewis
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Paul Martin
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