by Mel Cash - May 7th, 2021


We have had many conversations recently with Level 3 and 4 therapists who want to increase their understanding so they can work more effectively with people suffering pain and injury, and in this way expand their scope of practice. This has led us to launch an innovative ISRM Upgrade to Soft Tissue Therapy course.

Level 3 and 4 qualifications can provide a good starting point in the profession and a safe grounding in the hands-on skills. However, once faced with clients suffering pain and injury the responsibilities change and you need higher levels of skill which are underpinned by evidence-based clinical reasoning.

The ISRM Upgrade to Soft Tissue Therapy Diploma course (BTEC level 5) is an integrated course which builds on the subjects learned at levels 3 and 4, develops them to the Level 5 clinical context and then provides the advanced skills necessary for assessing, treating and rehabilitating people with pain and injury from all aspects of life.

Soft Tissue Therapy is much more than a collection of assessment tests and treatment techniques used on particular injuries or body parts. Every injury is different because the people who sustain them are all different, so it is as much about the person than it is the injury.

Soft Tissue Therapy is also more than just a treatment because it has a much broader awareness of musculoskeletal care. Our person-centred approach is supported by strong evidence as well as clinical success stories. Therefore, our courses won’t teach you how to treat injuries but will teach you how to treat people who have injuries.

All the knowledge and advanced clinical skills you will learn with us are taught within a Biopsychosocial framework of care and this is what truly defines it as Soft Tissue Therapy.

Our first Upgrade course starts in Central London (Regent’s Park), running on Sundays, every two weeks, from 13th June. For more information and application  https://www.lssm.com/btec_level_5_upgrade.php

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