BTEC Level 5 Upgrade course


Upgrade to BTEC Level 5 in Soft Tissue Therapy from ITEC, VTCT or similar L3 or L4 Sports Massage qualifications.

These courses are still in the planning stage and we are giving out this proposal to help us judge the likely demand.

This upgrade course will be available at the LSSM and other ISRM schools to those with a:
Level 3 Sports Massage qualification plus 2 years or 400 clinical hours of experience.
Level 4 Sports Massage qualification plus 1 year or 200 clinical hours of experience.

Access course
Because we have found a lack of consistency in the quality of training and accreditation on some other courses, not all therapists with the same qualification level necessarily have the same level of skill and knowledge. We need all students to be on a similar level at the start of the upgrade course so to achieve this we will run a short Access course.

This will consist of a series of online video classes covering deep tissue massage and musculoskeletal anatomy. These are to be used for practice before attending a one-day assessment and practice workshop. We understand that therapist develop their own style and techniques so we will not be looking for particular set techniques, instead we will look at the general quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the way the individual therapist works.

Upgrade course
On the satisfactory completion of the Access course students can then continue onto the main Upgrade course. This will cover all the advanced Soft Tissue Therapy assessment and treatment techniques from our very well established BTEC Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy course. It will be made up of 7 weekends (or 14 one-day) classes spread over a minimum of 6 months. Between the classroom sessions there will be a number of written assignments and case studies to complete as well as a theory and practical exam at the end.

Full course details

Dates, venues and costs are yet to be finalised but if you register your interest we will keep you informed of developments.

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