Why we are with BTEC


BTEC is the largest Government-backed awarding body in the UK with their qualifications taken by millions of students a year. We chose them because they would validate Customised qualifications. This means that we are free devise our own qualification, as we believe best, and then they evaluate it (at level 5) and carry out a thorough annual audit to ensure we maintain this high standard. This has enabled us to keep developing the qualifications over the years, continually improving the quality of training in response to changes in the healthcare market and so our therapists can better meet the needs of their clients.

Customised qualifications are not on the National Framework which means that no college/University can just take it ‘off the shelf’ and teach it. It can only be delivered with our approval. This is because we believe that the hands-on skills can only be taught properly by therapist with successful clinical careers in the real world and this is not always possible in higher education establishments.

A Customised qualification does not give automatic points towards a university degree but it is usually taken into favourable account when applying for a related degree qualification such as Osteopathy.



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