Why our qualification is the best


We are a small independent training provider that has developed its own unique customized BTEC qualification. This has been evolving since 1989 through the clinical experience of Mel Cash and his expert team of leading tutor/therapists. As they have developed their clinical skills over many years to offer ever better treatment to the actual clients that come through their door, they have added these skills into our training programme. So our qualification has been built only on the proven techniques and methods that we know work well in the real clinical environment and help our clients the most.

Our qualification has also responded to developments in modern healthcare because as therapists we have seen how our client base has changed. When we began in 1989 our job was mostly Sports Massage because the National Health Service used to treat all the common injuries. But with cutbacks in NHS funding it can no longer afford to do this so now it is the 90% of the population who don’t do sport who now need our help.

As the pioneer of the profession we have responded to this and have moved beyond sports massage to develop Soft Tissue Therapy with the aim of safely assessing and treating all manner of minor and chronic injuries. Sports massage may still a valuable part of our work but we now do so much more and this is what makes our unique Soft Tissue Therapy qualification a far more rewarding and valuable career.



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