What is Soft Tissue Therapy

by Mel Cash - Jun 20th, 2022

Soft Tissue Therapy has evolved over the last 30 years through the work of a small group of pioneering therapists who kept increasing their clinical skills so they could meet the needs of their clients better. And those needs have also changed because Physiotherapy in the UK no longer includes the hands-on techniques that Soft Tissue Therapists now specialise in.

Soft Tissue Therapy is emerging as the only one using a range of hands-on skills that have proved effective in treating people with minor and chronic pain and injury for a very long time. Everyone gets these aches and pains during their life and so the carer and income potential for Soft Tissue Therapists is very strong.

It includes:

  • Therapeutic massage for improved general health and wellbeing as well as symptoms relating to other medical conditions.
  • Sports Massage as part of a support package to help athletes prevent injury and enhance performance
  • A range of massage techniques to improve the recovery from acute and chronic injuries.
  • A range of assessment methods to determine whether Soft Tissue Therapy is appropriate and devise a suitable treatment plan for the individual client.
  • A range of advanced soft tissue techniques to improve joint and fascial mobility.
  • A range of Neuromuscular techniques to improve function movement.
  • Rehabilitation: Offering advice on a range of remedial exercises and lifestyle factors aimed at speeding up recovery, preventing injury as well as improving posture, performance and function.


These are all put together within a Biopsychosocial framework of care. We don’t treat injuries, we treat people with injuries.

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