What Gives Me the Greatest Satisfaction in My Teaching Career

by Mel Cash - Jan 10th, 2018

   My Job Satisfaction    

  • As I approach my 30th year as a teacher, and head of the LSSM and ISRM, I can reflect on a question I have often been asked.
  • What gives me the greatest satisfaction in my teaching career?
  • Running a small successful business for many years, of course this is both satisfying and rewarding. Standing in front of a class of students and feeling their enthusiasm as a share my knowledge and experience with them, I can’t deny how great that feels too. Being with my team of tutors is also special, we may share our clinical experiences some of the time but after decades together we mostly have a good laugh and enjoy our company.
  • But this is the day -to-day satisfaction, what gives me those special memorable moments?
  • It’s when I hear someone say “I had a back problem for years and nothing I tried helped. Then I went to a therapist who trained at your school who was brilliant. They finally got me out of pain and it’s changed my life.”
  • It’s when I hear about a therapist who trained with us years ago, who may not have been an outstanding student at the time and I may hardly remember them. This makes it even more special when I discover they are now doing really well, loving their career as a Soft Tissue Therapist and making a good living. On top of that of course they are also doing a lot of good effective treatments.
  • I know that so many people do not have great job satisfaction (many of my own clients) and I don’t like to sound smug, but after all these years I still so love my teaching career and thank everyone that’s been part of it. It’s not really a job, it’s a passion.

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