The future of Soft Tissue Therapy in a Covid hit World

by Mel Cash - Jan 13th, 2022

The future of Soft Tissue Therapy in a Covid-hit World.

In a world hit by the Covid pandemic some may worry that people might be reluctant to have close contact hands-on treatment like Soft Tissue Therapy and the profession could go into a decline but this is not the case.   

As professionals working in healthcare we follow the Government’s Covid health and safety guidelines diligently because this is now an integral part of our job. It is probably safer to have close contact hands-on treatment with us than it is to have a meal in a public restaurant now. Clients can be reassured that they are safe coming to us for treatment because we work in a carefully controlled environment and we take all the necessary precautions.

With the NHS under pressure on many fronts it cannot care for the minor and chronic injuries in the way we might want it to. And with modern Physiotherapy doing very little (if any) hands-on treatment this situation is even worse. Waiting maybe months on the NHS to have a 20-minute appointment with a Physiotherapist who only prescribes exercises is not what most people want. Even in the private sector Physiotherapy and Osteopathy are usually more costly than Soft Tissue Therapy. And clients are still unlikely to get the high quality hands-on skills that we specialise in and which are so effective with injuries.

Soft Tissue Therapists generally spend more time with their clients and treat them as a whole and not as just ‘an injury’. And this is what people really want, especially now when so many have been affected on a psychosocial level by the pandemic. Our holistically biopsychosocial approach to treatment is just what they need and want more than ever before. It is also effective in helping people overcome some of the symptoms of Long-Covid.

Soft Tissue Therapy is a very safe and effective way to treat minor and chronic musculoskeletal pain and help improve physical wellbeing and it must have a strong future in modern healthcare.

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