So what is Sports Massage


Right from the start (in 1988) Mel Cash developed Sports Massage as part of a support package for athletes and something much more than just a good massage. The overall goal has always been to help athletes and dancers prevent injury and enhance performance. Sports massage can greatly improve the recovery from training and this is the most important way of preventing common overuse injuries. To do this, treatment needs to be carefully planned as a regular and integral part of a training programme and not just a random treatment.

A Sports Massage Therapist also needs the skill to be able to assess the condition of the tissues, feel the affect that training may be having on them and identify potential injuries that the athlete may still be unaware of. This can then lead to good effective preventative treatment and advice. But athletes do still suffer with injuries so treating minor and chronic injuries is also an integral part of the job.

To succeed at this, Sports Massage also has to include more than just the traditional massage techniques because there are also some advanced Neuromuscular techniques which can have more profound effects on the treatment and prevention of injury as well as functional performance



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