Is Soft Tissue Therapy the Career for you

by Mel Cash - Jul 4th, 2022

Soft Tissue Therapy is emerging as a new category within modern healthcare as the most effective treatment for people suffering with minor and chronic muscular pain. These are by far the most common of all injuries which, although considered medically minor, can badly affect a person’s life. So the demand for good treatment is immense.

Soft Tissue Therapy is built around a set of hands-on techniques which have been developed over very many years based on the excellent results they achieve. These were once used in Physiotherapy but this changed in recent times with it now becoming an exercised-based therapy without these hands-on techniques. This created a vacuum in the market for these traditional and highly effective clinical skills and Soft Tissue Therapy is now filling that vacuum.

The injuries Soft Tissue Therapists treat are often caused by lifestyle factors which people cannot easily change, so therapists also provide regular preventative and maintenance treatments which generates even more work for them. It also includes Sports Massage which adds yet another lucrative market for their skills. And on top of all that it feels good so people really like it, enjoy it and want it.

It is much quicker, cheaper and easier to train to be a Soft Tissue Therapist than a Physiotherapist or Osteopath and has a greater market potential.

Soft Tissue Therapists work in the private sector and are mostly self-employed. Charging from £50 for an hour’s treatment, seeing only four clients a day for five days a week will earn a therapist £50K a year. And it can go up from there.

If you want a rewarding and stimulating lifetime career helping people suffering with pain and injury, Soft Tissue Therapy could be the best choice you will ever make.

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