How to Succeed in Private Practice for Physiotherapists

by Mel Cash - May 30th, 2018

Physiotherapists - How to succeed in private practice

Physiotherapy has changed a lot over the years. Originally it was a very ‘hands-on’ therapy but in recent years it has changed and become a mostly exercise-based therapy. Although this may be suitable in the NHS it is not what is expected in the private sector where patients still want good quality hands-on treatment.

The limitations of exercise therapy

It relies on the patient doing their exercises correctly, usually on their own and away from the clinic, so the Physiotherapist has limited control over the outcome. The patient is also likely to have already spent time coping with their injury through compensating strategies which in themselves lead to other muscular issues. This means they could now be trying to fix their injury with a dysfunctional set of tools making it even harder to get a successful result.

The advantages of hands-on treatment

The old traditional hands-on treatment that Physiotherapy was renowned for is still as effective today as it ever was and patients still like it and respond to it very well. Not only does it help the injured tissues recover more quickly but it can also improve the condition of other associated muscles. This makes it is easier for the patient to then carry out the exercises correctly and recovery is massively improved.

To succeed in private practice you have to give the patients what they want and you need to get positive and cost effective results. Hands-on soft tissue therapy is the answer and it is not slow and hard work as some may think. When taught well you can get excellent results quickly and without too much effort. Not only do patients like it but therapist can find it a really enjoyable and satisfying way to work too.

To find out how to train and qualify as a hands-on Soft Tissue Therapist

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