How Much Can You Earn as a Soft Tissue Therapist

by Mel Cash - Jan 16th, 2019


If you only do 4 treatments a week (or at the weekend) and make an average of only £40 per treatment you will earn around £8,000 a year, which is about two and half times more than the cost of our one-year Diploma course.


If you do an average of just 20 treatments a week (4 a day for 5 days), and average only £40 per treatment you can earn £40,000 a year.

As a Student

You can ask for a donation or charge about half the fee of a qualified therapist. You should certainly be good enough to do this by the time you are half-way through our one-year Diploma course. Many of our students have earned back up to half the cost of the course by the time they qualify.

Working from a rented room at a health club, Spa or private clinic you can charge from £65 per hour or £35 for a half hour session. You may have to pay £10 per hour for the room so you make about £55 per hour’s treatment. It is even better if you can work from your own home because you save on the room rental and travel. Visiting clients in their home is the most lucrative way to work because you can charge about twice as much for this luxury service.

There are very few ‘jobs’ in Soft Tissue Therapy and we are mostly self-employed, working in a variety of different situations; at a health club, Spa or private clinic, sports teams (such as Rugby, football, running clubs or dance companies etc.), as well as a few home visits and/or working from home.

Who can benefit from Soft Tissue Therapy?

We can treat people from all sectors of society and walks of life, in fact anyone who suffers with minor and chronic aches and pains. People who do sport or the performing arts particularly benefit from our work because it can help treat and prevent injuries and enhance their performance. But less than 10% of the adult population live such active lives so it may not be enough to generate a good income. Aches and pains are just as common among the other 90% of the population because of their job, posture, medical condition or other stresses in life, so this is a much bigger market for us. This is also why our training course goes way beyond sports massage and our Soft Tissue Therapists are properly trained to assess, treat and help rehabilitate all manner of muscle and joint problems. As well as aiming to treat painful conditions we also try to identify the underlying causes of them so we can offer injury prevention and more long-term improvements.  Just about everyone in society is a potential client the career prospects and earning potential are truly great.

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