Don t waste time and money trying to learn massage online

by Mel Cash - Jun 13th, 2022

At LSSM we get many students who tell us they have wasted their time and money doing massage courses that try to teach hands-on skills online. Please don’t make the same mistake.


You may think you are doing a technique in the same as shown on the screen but how can you tell?

The screen may only show you what the tutor is doing with their hands but you may not see how they move their whole body which is just as important.

No two people are the same and there is no technique that is exactly right for everyone. Even if you copy what you see on the screen exactly it is unlikely to be exactly right for you.

You need to learn hands-on techniques in a classroom environment where experienced tutors can give you individual guidance. And you can practice on a variety of other students to give you a wider and more realistic learning experience.

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