Acceptance is what we need


Regulation, Recognition or Acceptance 

I think it is time for a fresh new approach and we should get away from the terms Recognition and Regulation which have so much baggage attached to them.


All we really want is ACCEPTANCE.


We have already come a long way in establishing Soft Tissue Therapy without the help or favour of others. We have done it on our own through the good work we do and by actually succeeding in the private healthcare marketplace. We only exist because there is a genuine demand from the public for the work we do.


Mainstream medicine should accept us for who we are and what we do. Soft Tissue Therapy is unique; no other modality uses the same range of techniques with such a high level of expertise so we are not competing with others medical professionals working the same way. We offer something different which has great therapeutic potential, which supports and complements the rest of musculoskeletal medicine and it deserves its place in modern healthcare.


We can and should be able to all work together for the greater good. All we want is ACCEPTANCE.



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