A Good Career Needs a Good Investment


There are now many short intensive massage courses which I suppose fit in with modern-day life expectations. People want fast-food or instant results and they don’t want to wait for anything anymore. But you only get what you pay for!

Massage is a skill and it takes real time to develop a real skill. It also takes time to properly study all the underpinning knowledge you need to become a good and effective therapists. You just cannot get this from a short intensive course. Too many people have done these courses but where are they now? Very few actually succeed and become professional therapists with a lifetime career. But it is worse than that because these inadequately trained therapists do try and for as long as they last they do poor quality treatments which can ruin the reputation of the whole profession.

It may look good when you see that you can do a short massage course and immediately get work through an online booking agency but it’s nowhere near as good as it looks. These agencies charge the client on average £49 for a massage at their own home. I used to charge £50 for this service when I started my career over 30 years ago! These agencies are badly devaluing the massage profession and they can only do it with cheap poorly trained therapists.  And it’s not a very dignifies way for a professional to work, dragging a massage couch around on the London Underground for only £37 a treatment. If you devote yourself to them full-time, if you are good and lucky you might just about make a living wage. But the agency makes over £10 to automatically process each booking and they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Short intensive course may look good at first but they usually turn out to be a complete waste of money. If you want a stimulating and rewarding lifetime career you have to make a good investment which means at least a year of quality training and nothing less will do.



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