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Soft Tissue Therapy is more than just sports massage, it is a person centred approach to the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of minor and chronic musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Why train with LSSM?

As the pioneers of Soft Tissue Therapy there can be nowhere better to train than LSSM.

The best training and tutors
Since we began in 1989 we have been developing our own BTEC qualification built on the clinical skills of our team of tutors. Led by Mel Cash, they are all very highly experienced hands-on therapists. They have been together at LSSM for a long time and teach with great passion and humour as well as in-depth specialist knowledge and experience. Our course has put together a package of skills that we know work well in practice and we don’t waste time on subjects of less value.

Our aim is to give you the skills and knowledge needed to have a stimulating and rewarding career, helping people who have pain and injury as well as those needing a good Sports Massage service.

We have great premises at Regent’s Park in central London as well as a branch in Southampton.

Video library
Our students have access to our Video Library with over 50 videos covering all aspects of our course. They provide great additional support to the classroom experience but do not replace any hands-on classes.

Online learning
Although there is a lot of theoretical knowledge that you need to know, our online home study assignments have been carefully designed to make it easy to learn.

Budget Payment Scheme (optional)
Lower monthly payments over an extended period.

Start earning after 6 months
Certificate of competence awarded after 6 months (with successful completion of course assessments and assignments at this stage) enabling you to work and earn money doing Sport & Therapeutic massage.

No final theory exam
Our unique course assessment process includes small (less formal) tests throughout the course which mean that we can now achieve all the educational criteria without having a final theory exam. 

Our BTEC Level 5 qualification in Soft Tissue Therapy and the LSSM’s reputation in delivering it are the highest in the country.

Our Courses

learn from the best
Introductory massage courses

Our intensive introduction to Sports Massage "hands-on" weekend teaches you all the main massage techniques for all main body areas. Ideal for treating friends and family and a perfect introduction and ‘taster’ for our main Diploma course.
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Diploma massage courses
BTEC Diploma (Level 5)
Soft Tissue Therapy
(including Sports Massage)

This is an integrated Level 5 qualification, no need to do L3 & 4 courses first. It teaches you how to become a professional Soft Tissue Therapist with the skill and knowledge you need as a therapist, helping people suffering with minor and chronic pain and injury as well as providing sports massage to support athletes. Read more..

Upgrade diploma courses
Soft Tissue Therapy

For highly experienced massage therapists in long-term practice. It is a condensed version of our normal BTEC Level 5 training programme covering all the same advanced techniques and principles but not spending time on the earlier basic massage techniques. Read more..

CPD and Online courses
CPD courses

We offer a range of advanced courses in a variety of related topics to help therapists to continue their professional development. As well as face to face course at a variety of venues we also have an online video library and other educational resources.
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