LS PYO2 Physio/Osteo, Chiro only

Starting March 03 2019

Special short intensive course for Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors.

The course is comprised of 8 Sunday workshops (10am to 5pm) at Regent’s University, Regent’s Park in Central London. There is one written assignment and two short case studies to complete.


Day 1: Massage and Neuromuscular techniques
Day 2: Massage and Soft Tissue Release
Day 3: Soft Tissue Release and Muscle Energy techniques
Day 4: Muscle Energy techniques.
Day 5: Positional Release Technique, Clinical scenarios
Day 6: Myofascial techniques, Clinical scenarios
Day 7: Consolidation
Day 8: Final practical assessment (no exam).
The course will be taught by Mel Cash and other leading LSSM tutors.

Course Fee: £950 (Including 20% VAT, BTEC registration and certification)
This can be paid in full before the start of the course or with an initial payment of £450 and 2 monthly standing order payments of £250.

Students who are unable to attend any of the sessions due to unforeseen circumstances will be able to attend similar classes on standard LSSM Diploma courses on other dates.

Payment Option 1

Pay the fee
in full.

Total £950

Payment Option 2

£450 Deposit (non-refundable)
2 Monthly payments of £250

Total £950

Fees include VAT, BTEC registration, exams, certification and one-year's student membership of the ISRM
through which you can obtain student insurance to practice (click here to visit Balens)

The successful student will receive diplomas from LSSM, ISRM and BTEC. The qualification is recognised nationally and in some other countries as well. It enables therapists to practice independently as a professional Soft Tissue Therapist and obtain full Professional Indemnity insurance. It also entitles you to become a full member of ISRM as well as other professional bodies.


Must be a qualified Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor, or a students who has successfully completed the first two years of training.


Week 1   03rd Mar
Week 2   17th Mar
Week 3   07th Apr
Week 4   28th Apr
Week 5   19th May
Week 6   09th Jun
Week 7   23rd Jun
Week 8   14th Jul

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