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“Published April 2012”

LSSM continues to lead the way in developing a higher clinical level in the massage profession through the new book by Mel Cash (the Principal Tutor). Not only is it the most advanced book on the subject, it is also the textbook that matches the LSSM training programme. If you are thinking of training with LSSM then buy a copy of this book to see the scope and depth of our course.

Advanced Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy:
The aim of the therapist is to treat and 'remedy' a client’s problem; but to offer a real remedy you must do more than just relieve pain; you must also understand how the problem came about and how it can be avoided in future.

Advanced Remedial Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy develops a deep understanding of the way the musculoskeletal system functions and dysfunctions. It also describes a range of advanced treatment techniques within a framework of assessment and rehabilitation. The guidance in this book will enable therapists to work safely and effectively with a very wide range of conditions suffered by people from all walks of life. Illustrated with 200 photographs and 75 diagrams it has clear concise text written by a therapist for the therapist. This highly informative guide is a must-have both for students and therapists of remedial massage, physiotherapy, Osteopathy and all other forms of manual therapy.

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Other books by Mel Cash

For all students of human biology, medicine, sport and physical therapy, this pocket atlas contains all the most essential information needed to understand how the human body moves and maintains posture.

  • 35 superb colour illustration of the muscular and skeletal systems
  • Extensive table of muscles outlining their origins, insertions and actions
  • The main joints, ranges of movement and muscles involved
  • Posture and movement patterns
  • Muscle fibre types
  • Nerve supply to the muscles
  • Energy systems
  • Common types of injury

ISBN 0-09-186512-3

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  • Invaluable to all massage practitioners and students
  • 284 pages, 230 photographs, 24 anatomical illustrations
  • Full illustrated reference section
  • musculoskeletal injuries
  • injury and treatment muscle by muscle
  • overuse syndrome
  • soft tissue manipulation
  • remedial exercise
  • acupressure
  • self-massage
  • postural and occupational stress
  • massage with medical conditions

ISBN 0-09-180956-8 

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First published in 1988 this was the first book on the subject and still remains a valuable source of information.

Covering all the uses and benefits of sports massage this technical guide contains many photographs to illustrate the techniques.

ISBN 0-09-173746-X 

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