NM course 21F
It's been an absolute joy studying with LSSM and, believe me, I've done a lot of studying. Your approach to course structure, home study and research and assessment, combined with your respect for the realities of life and for the human healing instinct, makes this course much bigger than you could ever hope to advertise. I chose the LSSM after careful research into the standards recognised and respected the world over (I travel a lot and intend to establish my massage business wherever I lay my rucksack!) and I cannot express how glad I am that your school came out tops. What I was looking for was a thorough, recognisable and respected qualification. What I got was so much more, from your team of amazing, world-class tutors, each one with something special to offer, that work fantastically together and with us students, sharing with us - not only their treatment skills and their practice experience - but also their passion for the human body and its healing abilities, their inspirational life stories, access to the country's leading experts in many soft tissue specialities, the language and the confidence with which to discuss treatment, and, invaluably, their friendship.

LD course 23SA
I started a career break from the police 18 months ago to allow myself to do massage therapy full time and I have been overwhelmed with how busy I've been and the incredible feedback I get from clients! The satisfaction I get from it is immense so a personal thank you for developing massage in the way you have and devising a course that is without a shadow of a doubt the best out there. I have lost count of the clients I now have because they said they had tried other "sports massage therapists" who just didn't deliver what they were expecting and it was sub-standard! Suffice to say I don't intend going back to the police!

AP course 24E
"I am so glad that I chose the LSSM Diploma Course for my sports and remedial massage qualification. The course includes a fantastic set of techniques that are excellent building blocks for a successful career. The skills I learned on the LSSM Diploma Course highly effective and client focussed, and over the 12 months,  I developed hands on skills I don't believe I would have anywhere else.  The LSSM Diploma Course is far more than a "massage" course. It is a foundation for a successful career treating musculoskeletal pain and imbalance."

AB course 25B
I just wanted to express my absolute love for this course.  The tutors are exceptional and I really am learning so much.  Yesterday with Alex was absolutely fantastic!

ST course 25B
I've really enjoyed the learning experience and have found it to be one of the best delivered most professional courses I've ever done. 
It's great to be able to apply what I'm learning every day to better help the people I train.

SR course 25HI
I just wanted to send a thank you. I just spent the weekend on your introductory massage course.  The tutors that we had were all great in their own individual way and they all had a good bit of humour about them! Jo, Ruth, Raff, Brian, Al and Mel truly made the course fun and thoroughly enjoyable. I can honestly say that the time flew by and I’ve never been on a course like it. I will definitely be signing up for the full Diploma course now.

RH course 25SB 
I'd like to say a quick thank you for providing such a great course; it's given me a lot more confidence in my ability as a massage therapist. Sarah and Tanya (Southampton tutors) do an amazing job and complement each other really well in their teaching styles. I'm so glad that they were providing my training though all of the tutors were really great and full of experience to learn from.

RS course 26B
I thoroughly enjoyed the previous session on posture assessment. The lecturers taught the information perfectly with a good balance of invaluable knowledge and humour. I came away very inspired.

Today was also excellent, (Mary's second session on STR). Both Anna and Gisele complimented her leadership style and extensive knowledge of STR. You have a wonderful mix of very talented teachers. This combined with wide and varied content provides a demanding but enjoyable course.