This Intensive hands-on weekend workshops teaches you how to apply all the basic massage techniques safely and effectively to all the main areas of the body. It will enable you to treat friends and family on a recreational level but not to practice professionally.

This is an ideal Introduction to our BTEC Level 5 Diploma course. 

Venues: Regent's Park in Central London, Brighton and Southampton.

Course fee £225 including VAT, handbook and certificate.

Students must be a minimum of 18 years-old.

Full payment by Credit/Debit card (or for bank transfer contact us for details).

Our Ref: Location Weekend of
LS 29DI Central London Dec 2nd, 2017 More / Book
LS 29EI Central London Jan 13th, 2018 More / Book
LS 29FI Central London Feb 3rd, 2018 More / Book
LS 29SBI Southampton Mar 3rd, 2018 More / Book
LS 29GI Central London Apr 14th, 2018 More / Book
LS 29HI Central London May 12th, 2018 More / Book
LS 30AI Central London Jul 28th, 2018 More / Book
LS 30BI Central London Sep 8th, 2018 More / Book
LS 30CI Central London Oct 13th, 2018 More / Book